TagMatiks RFID Sensor Kit

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TagMatiks RFID Sensor Kit

The TagMatiks RFID Sensor Kit is a sensor based Asset Tracking kit that enables you to jump start your RFID initiative by combining RFID hardware and RFID tags with TagMatiks AT Lite. TagMatiks AT Lite is an out-of-the-box RFID Asset Tracking software that can be used to provide a simple, user-friendly solution for your asset tracking needs.

*TagMatiks Asset Tracking Lite software is compatible with Windows 10 Operating Systems.

  • License to TagMatiks Asset Tracking (AT) Lite
  • RFID Handheld (CSL CS108) 
  • Assortment of RFID Sensors Tag (Temperature and Moisture)

TagMatiks AT Lite is used for asset visibility and management. The sensor kit is designed to jumpstart initiatives for various use cases including:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing Plant Monitoring 
  • Shipment & Logistics 
  • Construction 
  • Agriculture
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