TagMatiks AT Lite (Asset Tracking Software)

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  • TagMatiks AT Lite (Asset Tracking Software)
  • TagMatiks AT Lite (Asset Tracking Software)
  • TagMatiks AT Lite RFID Software (Asset Tracking  RFID Software)


TagMatiks AT Lite- 

TagMatiks AT Lite is a lightweight RFID Based Asset Tracking Software designed to jump-start your asset tracking initiative. The solution is available as an iOS, Android and Windows application for easy installation & setup.

Please use this page to download the Windows version of the application (Even if you want the free edition, you can simply checkout without a credit card). For the iOS and Android versions of the application, please download directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by clicking the links or by searching "TagMatiks AT Lite"

The asset tracking software provides the ability to connect to an RFID handheld scanner to assist with data collection. For a complete list of support devices, please see below.

The options offer the availability to purchase a license for TagMatiks AT Lite. Please choose your edition to download. For the Windows version, a download link will be emailed to you after your purchase.
Options include a free edition which can be used with up to 99 assets.
Key Features Free Bronze Silver Gold
Quantity of Assets Included 99 750 2000 5000
Inventory Counts & Transactions check-mark.png check-mark.png check-mark.png check-mark.png

Custom Attributes

- check-mark.png check-mark.png check-mark.png
Import / Export & Reports   check-mark.png check-mark.png check-mark.png
Backup & Restore - check-mark.png check-mark.png check-mark.png
Migration to Enterprise Version   check-mark.png check-mark.png check-mark.png
Sensor Support (Temperature, E-Seal, Moisture) - - check-mark.png check-mark.png

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are Deleted Assets Considered When Calculating Asset Limits?

No, only active assets are considered. 

Can I Migrate My License to Another Smart Device?

Yes, using the Bronze, Silver or Gold Editions, the Backup and Restore features can be used to automatically migrate the license to another smart device. Please note that this feature does require online connectivity.

What is the difference between TagMatiks AT and TagMatiks AT Lite?

TagMatiks AT is an enterprise solution and include both a cloud based portal as well as mobility applications. It includes extensive analytics and reporting features. On the other hand, TagMatiks AT Lite is an all-in-one application designed to make it easy to start an RFID based asset tracking project.

How many readers can be used with TagMatiks AT Lite?

TagMatiks AT Lite can be used with a single RFID handheld or reader. If you require more than that, we recommend using TagMatiks AT Enterprise.

Can I use TagMatiks AT Lite without Internet?

Yes, after installation, most features in TagMatiks AT Lite can be used without internet or cellular connection. Some features such as creating a help ticket may require connection.

What readers are supported with TagMatiks AT Lite?

Zebra MC3330xR


    Zebra MC3390xR


           Zebra RFD8500


     Zebra RFD40 Standard /

     Premium / Premium Plus


Zebra RFD9030 / RFD9090


     CSL CS108


            CSL CS710S


          TSL 1128


TSL 1153


     TSL 1166


              TSL 2128


          TSL 2128L


TSL 2128P


    TSL 2166


TSL 2173


Caen Tile


Newland MT90

    Extronics iRFID500


Chainway C72


Chainway C66


Caen skID



    Caen trID



Caen qID Mini





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