RFID Consulting Services

We realize that you may need help to select a correct product or advice on your solution. We are here for you! Our professional services organization can provide technical guidance and services in virtually all application areas and industries. RFID4U will help maximize your return, ease installation and implementation issues when integrating RFID, NFC or Mobility applications and data into your enterprise systems and business processes.


If you would like to buy an RFID product but are not sure which one will suit your needs best, we would be happy to advise you. 


RFID4U can manage your entire Auto-ID project or just the parts with which you need help.


We can assist you in developing an Auto-ID business case that provides the framework for the development and implementation of your Auto-ID strategy from business process creation and deployment to post-implementation and support.


RFID4U will train your personnel for RFID, NFC & Mobility systems, whether you need it before, during or after your Auto-ID project. This training can be delivered through the Internet, instructor-led on-site or off-site. We can, also, create a custom training program, which meets your specific needs. RFID4U is a recognized leader in Auto-ID training helping you get the most from your Auto-ID initiatives. Industry recognized RFID certification is also available. For more training information and to register for classes, visit our Training page. 


We also provide Benchmarking services to select best hardware for the project. This step involves testing assorted readers and tags in a lab, which is equipped with special tag certification equipment. The tags and readers, which passed the lab qualifications, must then be tested in the environment, in which they would be deployed. Each reader and tag test and verification plan is customized for the specific use case and environment of the customer deployment site.


An RFID4U’s Risks, Security and Vulnerability Assessment helps to ensure your implementation will stay on budget, integrate effectively into your existing operations and help keep your data safe.