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We realize that you may need help to select a correct product or advice on your solution. We are here for you!

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Shipping & Delivery

View information about shipping methods we use, shipping times, rates and international shipping.

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Initiate Return

If you have a problem with a product purchased from us, fill out the form to receive an RMA number. Before you do so, please review our Return Policy.

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Return Policy

Please review our return policy before you initiate a return.

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Payment Options

View options for payment in our store.

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Terms and Conditions

By using RFID4UStore site, you agree to our terms and conditions. Please review them carefully.

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Access your account to see your order status, review previous orders, reorder products and manage your preferences.

  • 1. What I do when I find the item I ordered is defective?

    Please contact us immediately (within 30 days from the date of shipment) for an RMA number. Once we issue an RMA number, you can send the item back to us in its original packaging and if it is indeed found defective, we will refund the cost minus shipping charges to your method of payment.

  • 2. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept credit cards such as American Express, Visa and Mastercard. We also accept Paypal. In some cases, for large volume orders and with approved credit application we can also extend you a credit with us, in which case the payment would be due in 30 days from the date of shipment (and invoice date).

  • 3. How fast do you ship?

    The speed of shipping will be based on the method you selected at the checkout. We offer overnight, 2-day and ground shipping (1-5 days based on location).

  • 4. Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we do. We only use a tracked shipping methods. The speed of shipment is usually within 3-10 days based on the method and time spent at customs.

  • 5. What if I am not sure if the product is suitable for my needs?

    We can help you decide. Contact us for Consultation (Consultation hours can be purchased in our store).

  • 6. What if the item I need is not in stock?

    We can recommend an alternate item or we can also find out for you, when it will be back in stock. Talk to us!

  • 7. What if I receive a different item than I ordered?

    Contact us immediately. We will issue an RMA number and you can send it back. We will refund your purchase, once the RMA is processed. If all items within the order were shipped incorrectly, we will also refund the shipping cost. Please make sure you read this carefully, we CANNOT accept the items under following conditions:

    • Will NOT accept for return products that have been used.
    • Products must be in RESELLABLE condition.
    • Original box is missing, damaged, or ORIGINAL BOX IS DEFACED WITH WRITING OR MARKINGS (This is usually most common reason for non-acceptance of a return).
    • Product is missing packaging, manuals, or other components.
    • Broken case media, print heads, and software.
    • Products not purchased from RFID4U.
    • Purchases or RMA’s issued over 30 days.
    • Referencing RMA number is not included with the return.
    • Special Order, custom configured, discontinued, or obsolete products.
    • Product shipped with other than factory default settings (includes configuration changes per customer request).
    • Serial numbers do not match the referenced invoice.
    • Custom Media of any type.
  • 8. I would like to implement RFID technology in my business, but I am not sure where to start. Can you help me?

    Absolutely! RFID4U, the parent company of RFID4UStore, is an end-to-end solutions provider for RFID, NFC, GPS and Mobility technologies. We would be more than happy to see how we can help you integrate this technology into your business. Contact us!


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