Walmart RFID Mandate

Your Guide to the Walmart RFID Mandate

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RFID Labels

Sample Packs To Start

This sample pack includes a test run for RFID labels so that Walmart suppliers can ensure they have an appropriate RFID inlay & RFID label to comply with the Walmart RFID mandate. Sample Run with ARC Approved Inlay for Walmart Suppliers. Includes 20 sample labels. Our team will help you choose an inlay depending on your product category. (W1, W2, W4, Y)

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Sample Packs To Start

Sample Packs To Start

Purchase Blank RFID Label Rolls

Purchase ready to use RFID labels if you would like to print within your own facility with RFID printers. We have many options and sizes available.

Finished Labels

Are you interested in embedding RFID inlays inside your existing product packing or labels? Our team can help you design and embedded RFID inlays.

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RFID Software

TagMatiks Wedge

Validate RFID Labels With Ease:

Validate the content that is encoded onto RFID labels using TagMatiks Wedge to ensure that the content is properly encoded and is following the proper GS1 SGTIN standard.

Inventory Products and Streamline Data Collection:

Inventory Your RFID tagged products with Ease Using TagMatiks Wedge. Import in a reference file to see additional product information. Quickly scan and find out how many of each item you have.Quickly integrate using various options including flat files and an easy to use API.

Easy to Start and Low Cost:

TagMatiks Wedge supports most RFID handhelds and sleds. Download for free from the iOS and Android App Stores and use up to 500 scans at no cost. A license is just $99 per RFID device.

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Tagging Services

RFID4U can help with tagging existing or new inventory with RFID labels. Our trained professional will make adopting easy and ensure you comply properly with Walmart's RFID mandate.

Sample Packs To Start

Sample Packs To Start

Print and Encode Services

RFID4U can provide pre-printed and pre-encoded RFID labels to simplify adoption . You can simply apply labels that are ready to go on your products.


We can help you with everything and anything RFID. Whether it be solution design or implementation, we've got your back. Contact us and we would be glad to help you get started.

Sample Packs To Start


RFID4U has been a reputable RFID solution provider for over 24+ Years supporting numerous Fortune 500 businesses. RFID4U has vast knowledge on not only supporting your organization to help comply with the Walmart RFID mandate but also take that investment forward and pay dividends in the future directly to your business.

What's the Walmart RFID Mandate

As with many organizations around the world, Walmart has decided to adopt RFID to streamline their business operations. Although Walmart has been using RFID for many years, they have expanded their efforts to many different product categories and are asking their suppliers to help "tag" products before shipping. This not only improves efficiency for Walmart in their supply chain but also provides the option for suppliers to leverage the technology as well.


RFID technology, specifically, UHF or RAIN RFID, makes it easier for organizations to keep track of inventory items. Each desired item is labeled or tagged with an RFID label/ tag and then from there, organizations can simplify traditional manual business processes such as cycle counts (to improve inventory accuracy), shipping and receiving. The benefits include reducing operational costs, improving inventory accuracy, providing automated supply chain visibility among many others.

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