ThingMagic M7E-PICO UHF RAIN RFID Reader Module

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The ThingMagic M7E-PICO stands out as the most compact Mercury Series embedded UHF RAIN RFID module available. Its exceptionally low power consumption makes it perfect for portable readers that rely on battery operation, offering an efficient solution with minimal energy usage. Featuring a wide RF output range from 0 dBm to +24 dBm, it meets the demanding read/write requirements essential for RFID-enabled printers and tag commissioning stations. Engineered with a surface mount package tailored for SMT manufacturing efficiency, the ThingMagic M7E-PICO significantly reduces overall costs for integrating RFID into high-volume applications. This module excels in handheld devices, authentication of consumables, device configuration, and access control, making it an ideal choice for diverse applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Small Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Form Factor for Highly Integrated, Compact Designs 
  • Low Power Consumption for Efficient Battery-Use 
  • Features the Impinj E310 RAIN RFID Reader Chip 
  • Support for EPCglobal Gen2V2 (ISO 18000-63) Protocol Meets Industry Tag Standards 
  • Reads up to 300 tags / second 
  • Configured for Multiple Regions, such as FCC/IC (North & South America), ETSI (European Union), and Other Regions Including India, China, Korea, Australia and Japan 
  • Single SKU for Global Use 
  • Support for full Open region (860 to 930MHZ) 

What's included?

  • ThingMagic M7e-PICO UHF RAIN RFID Reader Module


  • Point of Sale Readers and Retail Checkout
  • Mobile Devices, including Handhelds, Printers and Sensor Networks
  • Kiosks and Vending Machines
  • Tag Commissioning Stations
  • People and Asset Tracking
  • Consumable Authentication
  • Drug and Inventory Management
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Additional Information

RFID Protocol Support:
EPCglobal Gen 2V2 (ISO 18000-63)
RF Transceiver:
Single 50 Ω connection (board-edge)
RF Power Output:
Separate read and write levels, command- adjustable from 0 dBm to +24dBm in 0.5 dB steps, accurate to +/- 1 dBm
41 board-edge connections providing access to RF, DC power, communication, control and GPIO signals
Control/Data Interfaces:
UART; 3.3V logic levels 9.6 to 921.6 kbps
GPIO Sensors and Indicators:
Four 3.3V bidirectional ports configurable as input (sensor) ports or output (indicator) ports
API Support:
C, C#/.NET, Java
DC Power Required:
DC Voltage: 3.3 to 5.5 V for +24 dBm out
Idle Power Saving Options:
Ready: 0.665 W; Sleep: 0.080 W; Shutdown: 0.065 W
Operating Temperature:
-40°C to +60°C (case temperature)
Storage Temperature:
-40°C to +85°C
Shock and Vibration:
Survives 1 meter drop during handling
Max Read Rate:
Up to 300* tags/second
Tag Read Distance (Typical):
Over 3 meters (10 feet) with 6 dBi antenna (30 dBm EIRP)*
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